1. Membership rules

1.1 To join Dutch Alliance you have to be at a minimum age of 18 years old (exception aside from that).

1.2 By flying with Dutch Alliance you have to be registered by IVAO or VatSIM (offline flights only are not allowed within our VA.)

1.3 Commercial or Private Flights only.

1.4 You must have one of the following Flight Simulator(s):

a) Flight Simulator 2004

b) Flight Simulator X

c) Prepar3D

d) X Plane

e) Flight Simulator 2020

1.5 In case of absense which takes longer than a month you must fill in a "Leave of Absense" form which only asks for howlong you are gone.
1.6 Keep in mind: When you fly with Dutch Alliance OR fly on the IVAO or VATSIM Network you have to stay professional, if not a suspension can be handed out to you.
1.7 Suspension of both: IVAO AND VatSIM network automatically resolve in a removal from Dutch Alliance.
1.8 Our warning system works like this: Warning, Temporarly Suspension, Permanently Removal.

2. Members

2.1 You must fly at least twice a month a scheduled flight that has to be logged with SIMACARS which is paired to our PilotCentre (click here).

2.2 There is only 1 account allowed to fly with in Dutch Alliance.

2.3 Pictures post on your profile which contain a copyright notice are not allowed.

2.4 Offline flights will not be rewarded, only online flights will.

2.5 Fake information according to your profile is not allowed, we have to be able to contact you at any time.

2.6 If you booked a scheduled flight and you are not prevented to fly this one, you will get a warning.

2.7 We must be able to assume that your flight performance is reasonable to fly in our only network, if you don't have the flight performance to fly only you can always ask for a training in our training program.